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close to april  / Geri (sister)
As we are getting closer to your annerversary I can't help to wish you were here. Soon it will be eight years' its so hard to believe it just seems like yesterday that you were making me pickle ice cream or chasing me with sour crout milk shakes. You always Knew how to make me smile. You always made the difficult things in life look so easy. I miss you so much and love you always!
Your baby girls birthday  / Geri (sister)
I am writing this not for you but on behalf of you. happy birthday heather. Your baby girl is ten years old. You may have left us tommy but you left us with your beautiful baby girl to remeber you by. The world is a better place because of her existance as it was because of yours. I Love you Tommy and i know you wish you could be here to tell her happy birthday your self. We will make sure to do it for you.
Tommy / Michael (Uncle)
Way too much time has gone by since we sat and watched a game together! I miss you every day, you would be proud of your daughter she is growing up fast and is very smart! She gets that from her great uncle lol! Merry Christmas Tommy!
Christmas / Geri Hatton (Sister)
Well its that time of year again and I am missing you as much as ever. I have found my new favorite song. You see Maranda Lambert sings it but blake shelton wrote it. Its about his brother who was killed in a car accident. Blake wrote it but cant bring himself to sing it because he cant help but to cry. Here are the lyrics. Miranda Lambert – Over You Lyrics Verse 1: Weather man said it’s gonna snow By now I should be used to the cold Mid-February shouldn’t be so scary It was only December I still remember the presents, the tree, you and me Chorus: But you went away How dare you? I miss you They say I’ll be ok But I’m not going to ever get over you Verse 2: Living alone here in this place I think of you, and I’m not afraid Your favorite records make me feel better Cause you sing along With every song I know you didn’t mean to give them to me Chorus: But you went away How dare you? I miss you They say I’ll be ok But I’m not going to ever get over you Cause you went away, how dare you? I miss you They say I’ll be ok But I’m not going to ever get over you It really sinks in when I see it in stone. This has touched my heart so deeply because this is how i feel. I miss you and i hate that you left me but it never really sinks in till i remeber the day you went away and even then I dont think i will be ok
happy birthday  / Tessa Coates (cousin)
Your birthday is almost here and i know you arent here to celebrate but you will still be remembered and honored that day. I love and miss u
My Birthday  / Geri Hatton (sister)
So i will be 26 and i dont have you here to help me celebrate. I found out today that our uncle chuck passed away on the 6th of febuary. I guess he could not wait to see you again.I love you bubby and my birthday wont ever be what it could be because your not here to help remind me what fun is. Tommy you were the one person i could turn to to make me have fun when i had other things on my mind the one person i could talk to when i felt alone in a crowded room. I feel alone right now tommy and the room is full. were are you to talk to to understand how i could feel this way surrounded by so many people. You were the one person to make sure that i knew my value when all else seem to make me feel as if i am not worth a dime. I love you Bubby and i need you here not there but if i where to have you here then uncle jack and chuck grandpal aunt debbie shelly and casey wouldnt have you there. so i choose to try to not be selfish and let them have you up there. I love you dont forget that ever.
Missing you....  / Danielle Mackey (Sister)
Well it has been 6 1/2 years and it still is so surreal that your gone. Holidays have never been the same but we know u still can watch us. Just know you are not forgotten. I miss you
christmas / Geri Hatton (lil sis )
well christmas has come and gone. the people we lost are missed and the people we have are loved even a little bit more. when i was a little girl all i ever wanted was for all my siblings to be in the same house at the same time for the holidays but certain people madesure that would never happen. as adults my christmas wish never ended but was never fufilled due to losing my big brother. you see that is all i ever wanted and last year i realized that was never possibe ihated christmas. But the people that have entered my life this year has made me have a new outlook on the issue, i realized that yes i lost people that i loved the most but i have also gained so many people to be thankful for. i will never not miss you tommy and my tears will never stop falling for you but i have learned to laugh again and its not because i have forgotten but because i have remebered all those things you have taught me about the true meaning of christmas and i am thankful for those people you have helped place in my life!

Thanksgiving / Danielle Mackey (Oldest Sister )


It has been 4 1/2 long years that seem to go by so fast, yet the pain is still as deep as the day you were taken from all of us. I have not forgotten Tommy's Law, and now have more people interested in helping us. I am thankful for the time I had with you, and will always be thankful for all of the lessons that came out of your life, and sadly your death.  I just wish it has never  happened.


Life is not the same without you. I love you and miss you deeply,


Scriptures that bring comfort  / J. Schroeck

Please accept my condolences for the loss of this man, father, husband, son and friend. These following scriptures are in the bible for any of you to look up to find hope in your time of sorrow. Isaiah 26:19 tells us that someday those who have died will live again! And in connection with that, Psalms 37:29 tells us that "the meek will inherit the earth and they will reside forever upon it." When Jesus was on earth, he showed that he could bring people back to life, as in the case of Lazarus (John 11:11-44) and the little 12 year old girl (Luke 8:40-56). And he will do it again on a worldwide scale. Revelation 21:4 says that soon "God will wipe out every tear from our eyes and death will be no more."

James 4:8 says to "Draw close to God and he will draw close to you." Reading the bible can bring us so much comfort. I hope that these few verses can help bring some comfort and hope to your lives. / Geri Craves (sister)
Hey tommy,
    I have been thinking of you alot. its like everything around me makes me miss you more. i need the guidance of my big brother, i know that your here with me, but its not the same. you always let me know that everything was going to be alright that there was light at the end of the tunnel. now the one thing that keeps me going is knowing that your at the end of the tunnel guiding me through lifes hard times. I know that no matter how much i hurt it wont bring you back to me. I went to your burial sight on memoral day. i Know that memorial day is to remeber the fallen soldiors as they were heroes, but tommy you were my hero. you were the best brother, son, father, boyfriend, bestfriend and friend anyone could have.  i feel honored to have you as my big brother my leader  my protector and my friend. tommy you are and always will be very loved and missed. I love you bubby.
3 years  / Tessa Coates (cousin)
i cant believe its been 3 years today that you left us. not a day goes by i dont think about you. i miss every laughter we shared. but they and you will stay alive in my heart and memories forever. well as you know jen is going in for surgery tomorrow so i know you will be watching over her and keeping her safe. i love you....
FOR THOMAS GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTON  / Helen Flissikowski (passerby)
Gone from you family
 but you memory will
always stay kindled
 in the hearts ,today 
 marks your 3rd angel
  date stay close to your love
  ones THOMAS may they know 
   your with the lord ,awaiting 
for that chain to link again in heaven nite sweet angel
The days seem so long
without you here.
I miss your smile , your
Laughter , your love .
forever , my heart will be torn
Untill you left this world and
became an angel , I didn't know
how much that i loved you , as a friend
as a brother , you were so amazing .
How more simple can this be said , i miss you
and love you so much .
wrote by danny aldrich
two worlds apart yet close enough to almost hear your voice.  / Patrick Forth (cousin)
So much to say, where to start? Well your sister Geri got me reminiscing and thinking. Unfortunately with my rusted steel trap of a memory i can't recall as much as i would like. There are some that stand out though. The times as a child playing in the treehouse on delphi and in the pool there too. The time Steve walked in saying we have a problem, me and you looking at each other wondering what it could of been that we did and got caught, but in the end standing in a lineup for my mother to pick me out of. The embarrasing photo taken at the cabin in Michigan.  Oh how i had wished for years that you would of been the taller of us two.  The time you showed me your workout routine involving the soup cans. The short time you lived with me and some of the late nights we had. The night me, you, David, and uncle Mike stayed up almost all night playing that "game". Through all the years we could talk about anything....and absolutely nothing. Though we only had a few "deep" conversations. We never really needed too. More was said with just a look and a glance. To this day i still look for a connection like that. As you may already know i have a little son on the way, Sean William Forth. Hopefully the name will stay till his birth. I know i'll will try with all my might to be as good of a father as you were. Well, and still are. I also will do everything i can to instill the things that you have been an example of to everyone everyday in your life and after life. When i was rembering today the things that are now past i teared up and cried. Was i crying because i miss you? How could i? I know i will see you again. We all will. I know your presence surrounds us everyday with the same love and caring as when you were here on earth. Did i cry because i can no longer hear your voice or your laugh? I know we will all experience those yet again, and sometimes if we listen carefully enough we can hear it now. Did i cry because i can no longer see your soulfull, compassionate eyes? I know those same eyes still gaze upon us all and one day we all can gaze back. Maybe it is knowing what you had done here and what you had represented. Knowing that it can be so difficult to do what it was that you did so easily. You could lighten up a heart with your smile. Calm an anger with soft words. Ease worry with a place of your hand. And so much more. You touched everyone's soul that you met. Always able to forgive. Your heart was filled with so much love, compassion, and acceptance it would spill over and help fill the hearts of those around you. I ask what greater plan can there be then the one you have already achieved? For the mere act of meeting you would have us all aspiring to live up to your example. Is that not the largest achievement we could hope for in our life here on earth. So thank you for just being. I am blessed to have been able to have been so close to someone so i'm sure many of us feel this way. Enjoy your time in bliss, until we all meet up with you again. I say farewell as i did to you before, not forever, but as two souls who will be reunited again. Now i weap once more, knowing i weap for the pain in longing and waiting till i see you and all those i love, who stand beside you, yet again.
hey bubby  / Geri Craves (sister)
hey bubby, there is not a moment that goes by that i dont think of you. every time kaylee calls jacob bubby it brings me to tears becouse i know that the bubby i am longing for is gone. and my children wont get to love you like i do.  I miss you so bad but yet i am tring to stay strong through every thing that comes my why. i feel like i have already been through the hardest thing in my life (losing you) there is nothing left that is to hard to handle. but that in it self becomes unbearable most days. who ever said time makes it easier didnt have a brother like you.  you have become my strength. i dont know if you can hear me every night when i talk to you as if you were standing next to me. i guess i am looking for your wisdom for some sign you are still here and to have the feeling that even though my children cant see you, you are still here holding their hands giving them the same love and guidence that you have always showed me. i love you tommy and i always will. you will never be forgotten!!!!!!!
Missing you never get easier  / Danielle Mackey (Sister)

Missing you never gets any easier. The hardest part is when i have an off the wall dream about you, and it doesn't make since until months down the road. I see you when I can, but I still cry like the day we left you there. I know you are around sometimes, Hadiyah talks to you still once in a while. I know you are looking down and sometimes I still hear you laugh. I still have the overload of pennies that you had here. I even have a stupid can of oysters that you like, I KNOW they are expired now, but I just cannot throw it away.

Anyway, I love you and miss you and I know that I will always be proud to be your sister.
STILL MISSING U BUDDY HAVENT AND WONT FORGET  / Kenny Robertson (dawns cousin and good friend )
HEY BUDDY  just  wanted  to  let  u  know  we  havent  nor  will  we  ever  forget  u i can  tell  ur  around  and  its  cool  buddy  i  like  it  that  u  are  i  was  fishing  got  the  oddest  feeling  and  cold  chills  and  it  was  like  a  lite  lit the  area a  bit  it  was  like  i  could  see  u  u  were  smileing  and  what  was  weird  it  was  in  our  fishin  spot  so buddy  keep  on  letting  me  know  ur there  cause  i  miss  u  dearly we  all  do  badly  miss  all  the  goodtimes  we  had  the  talks etc.i  look  at  ur  picture  often   its  on  my  wall  and  always  will  be!!!!!!i  smile  think  what a  cool  guy   then  somtimes  i  see  what  i  wish i  never  had  to  see is  u  at  the  hospital  the  nite we all  had  u  STOLEN from  us  and  the  world! its  not  fair  i  know but  god  had  plans 4  you  i  know  ur  an  angel now  buddy and  a  great  1!!!!!!!!!your daughter  is  beautiful  buddy  and  is smart  too  i  think well  i  know  ud  be  proud of  her  shes  an awesome  kid  !!!!!!we  visit  ur  resting  place alot  im  sure  u  know  its  so  hard to  leave tears us up everytime hate to  have  to leave u there but i know ur in a much better place now and 1 day u will  see  everyone there with  u!!!!well  buddy  i  just  wanted  to  let  ya  know  this  and  we  all  love  u  and  will  always  have  u in  our  hearts and will  never  forget  ya  bud
love ya  man
my place  / Geraldine Craves (sister)
As the days drew longer and the nights fade

I knew I was ready to find my place.

A place where only laughter shows,

A place where only a angel goes.

The pain shall soon end and the happiness shall begin.

A place where all are missed but are in guiding hands

A place where even thou I seem far,

I can still see the tears that fall for me,

Please don’t be sad for me today nor tomorrow.

For I am ready for gods place now

and there I will always be,

Waiting for the day I help you find your way,

to your place


                                                      Written by ;
Geraldine Craves
Dedicated To My brother
Thomas Mundy and to my
Carl Hatton

Memorial in a Different Way  / Danielle Mackey (Sister)

It is now memorial day. Although we are celebrating the lifes of the men and women who served our country. I am also celebrating the life that you used to serve your family and friends. You are also on my mind. Everyday I think of you. There still isn't really any closure. When I look at my daughter, all I can think is how she will never be able to see you, and play with you the way you played with Heather and the other kids. But I will make sure she knows who you were...I know you can see her.

We flew out kites this year, just like we did the week before you died. And Hadiyah actually remebered that. She said "Hey Mama, do you remember when me and you and Heather and Uncle Tommy went to that big park and was flying these." She was only 2 , but she remebers everything about that day.....even you chasing her down beacuse she took off running!!

Tommy, I miss you and love you. I am so glad we spent that time and many other times togther.... BTW.....I got the message!!

Love always

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